Expose to the right--theory vs practice

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Expose to the right--theory vs practice

Today I was out shooting product on location.

One shot had this histogram result:

Note the generous room to the right of the histograms

But on opening camera RAW I got this:

I should note my surprise on finding that the histogram is closer to the right on the RAW converter than on camera. I thought that on camera histograms were generated using the jpeg thumbnail which always has less highlight range. I guess the XZ-2 might actually be using raw histograms? *gasp* I should note I'm using the DNG converter to open the XZ-2 raw in ACR 6.6, which doesn't read its raws directly. Would that have anything to do with it? I shouldn't think so...

On pulling back the exposure in ACR, we see that the highlight on the buckle is irrecoverably blown:

this highlight does not change even if I take exposure all the way down to -4.

The final edited image--I think the exposure came out about right. With my aggressive processing there is some grain to the shadows at 100% but I would not trade any more blown highlights for less noise, even though Expose to the Right theory says I should have been able to expose more.

And yes, my work is QUITE amateurish indeed--just trying to spice up the "storefront" of my own small small business a bit and too cheap to do it properly or hire a pro

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