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Re: I give up

JamieTux wrote:

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

#1) NO! I am not one of those who shoot 2000 images in a day - any day. That is a sign of a neurotic photographer who can't decide if he got the shot or not. Unless you are doing multiple shot mode, there is no conceiveable reason to shoot that many.

I think that even shooting all day motorsports events I maxed out at around 1000 in a day - but that doesn't mean it's wrong for everyone - especially if you are covering from the bride getting ready, through the ceremony, formals, meals, speeches and reception/evening and want to make sure you've covered every guest and the whole day - each to their own!

I don't think that anyone in this thread needs to defend the number of 2000 images a day when discussing with Mr. Eickmeier - because he was actually the one who brought the number up. Here is the exact quote from page 2 in this thread:

"Some of these wedding shooters shoot 2000 images that they then have to go through and process afterwards. Think about it."

So first one of his arguments against raw was that people who shoot 2000 images a day can't be bothered with raw processing. When people explains to him that it is fully doable, he suddenly turns around, arguing against taking 2000 images a day, and even calling people with such a need "neurotic".

I think this shows why any attempt at a serious discussion will be a waste of time.

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