E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses

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Kim Letkeman
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getting killed in the market is an option?

James Pilcher wrote:

Olympus should drop the video altogether. Then everyone wins. Stills photographers get the camera they desire and deserve, and video folk have the opportunity to stop whining and go purchase a proper video camera.

And get killed in the market. What they should actually do is to make sure that the market knows who they are targeting. Which is not professional videographers. Not even wedding photogs, really.

For mom and pop, the better Olys (E-M5 and E-M1) will be terrific. Much better than the wobbly crap that comes out of their other bodies unless you take incredible care with them.

I don't use my sports car to haul horse manure,

Apparently, you use the Internet for that (sorry, but that was the lowest of hanging fruit)

so we shouldn't expect a fine still camera to do it either.

All the Panasonics are also "fine stills cameras" and they have excellent video in general, and stunning video once hacked. The GH2 is better than almost all the consumer video cameras that cost a lot more than the GH2 ever did ...

It can be done and Olympus choose not to do it ... that is not a crime, and people interested in video rarely look at Oly. Why anyone cares about the video on the newest Oly escapes me completely ...

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