70-400 II produce worst images than version I?

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Re: 70-400 II produce worst images than version I?

oklaphotog wrote:

It is in focus. The g2 is focused on the leaves in front. There is no way to tell if this is the lenses fault. If these are crops, it could be the person had the camera in wide area AF and handheld instead of on a tripod with a single AF point. The camera itself could have picked a different point of focus, not the lens. Also he noted some wind while testing so it is highly likely that the tree shifted after the camera focused. When you are working with dof that shallow, simple camera or subject movement will shift the point of focus.

Of course the apparent claim is the AF of the g2 is so much better at getting it right.  That's a automatic thing with the camera, yet here is a example where the AF of the g2 did not get it right.

Since the claim is this better AF, and not the optics then one has to shoot numerous comparison photos and see which lens gets a higher percentage right.  Or at least "right" according to what you wanted it to focus on.

To me that's a pretty poor way to compare lenses as focus is easily correctable and AF is well known to decide on it's own what to focus on rather than what you wanted.  And the software that does that deciding is in the Camera, not the lens.

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