Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

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Re: why oh why?

tko wrote:

I would be interested to know what widely used techniques were used for processing and what are their modern equivalents?

That would take a book. Layers, masking, unsharp mask, contrast enhancement, dodge and burn, local brightness adjustment, curves. Photoshop started off duplicating film techniques.

Also, wouldn't it be good if there were modern software that limited digital post processing to the same level as film?

What? Why on earth even suggest this? This shows your bias. Especially since you admit you don't even know what processing they could do with film!

Good point!  How can any person want to restrict what they don't even understand?  Dumb question, I guess, people have been trying to do that very thing for millennia.

It's great to see "straight out the camera, no PP" on posted images

No it's not. Just makes me feel like the photographer is proud of being a dinosaur - except in the film era, they did a lot of post processing, and it was more labor intensive. I'd say it has to do more with dumbing down, a lack of pride of your craft, and a refusal to learn basic photographic skills. You prefer electric lines, pieces of trash, mismatched dynamic range, blown out skies, and tilted horizons in your photos?

Listen. If you're in the studio, controlling every aspect of the photo from the model's make up to the lighting, then you can get it close to right in camera. But outside in the real world, forget it. You're just having the camera making a lot of dumb (and probably wrong) decisions for you--decisions you can reverse in post, especially if you shot RAW.

I don't understand why some people think freedom of expression needs to be regulated.  Maybe I am a 'Keyboard Gangster', but from my perspective, the OP is expressing the idea that expression of artistic, political, and economic thought is a dangerous thing.  That the public needs to be 'protected' from dangerous ideas like the freedom to do things to excess that hurt no one, by placing governors and limits on software. Some stuff IS over processed in my opinion, but I value the artist's right to over indulge.

The OP has the right to say what he said, but he should not be surprised if people who value freedom object.  This can only lead to Soviet style art.

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