Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

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HDR processing/tone-mapping is where the problem occurs...

HDR does not have to 'suck', or look like a cartoon.  HDR can be 100% transparent - in other words, HDR can be used to present a scene that looks completely natural and as the eye sees can be used simply to overcome the limitations of the camera sensor's dynamic range, to better capture a scene with strong contrast extremes.  It does not have to be tone-mapped, it does not have to have boosted saturation, it does not need to be tweaked until it's full of halos and glowing outlines, or devoid of contrast and shadows - those are all processing choices a lot of folks want to make.  And I'm completely OK with it if that's the look those artists want to portray and present - it's their photo and they're free to make that choice...even if you may not like that style (I can't say I'm a big fan of impressionism in art, but others love it, and that's their choice!).

I shoot a very high number of HDR shots when doing landscape, architecture, interiors, and night shots...but probably less than 2% of them are processed beyond realism - I admit I very occasionally find myself entertained with the overly-tone-mapped look, but it's a 1 in a 100 thing for me.  Most of the time I use HDR, it's simply to capture a scene and have it look completely natural or realistic...most of the time, noone can tell it's HDR, which is my goal - I like to use it as just another photographic tool alongside exposure controls and other camera tweaks, rather than as a special effects toy.

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