Photographer faces law suit

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Clyde Thomas Senior Member • Posts: 1,078
Your opinion vs the law.

I'm a self employed photographer of 35 yeas. I agree with your opinion that photographers should be able to pick and choose what clients meet the requirements of their artistic vision... Not the other way around.  But our opinions are not the law. And in contrast to our opinions, I must really sit down and ask myself what could give me the right to refuse a certain client, but the baker or plumber wouldn't have that same privilege?

I have no grounds to answer for that.

I wonder what the law would say about me refusing to photograph a nude wedding. I wouldn't want to do that. Could I be sued for refusing to do so?

If all churches and religions are not required to serve same sex marriage events, then why should a photographer who affiliates with one of those churches or religions be required to do so?

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