70-400 II produce worst images than version I?

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Ralf B wrote:

RoxanneY wrote:


Help! What is the conclusion? Is the G1 version at least as good as the G2, but just with slower AF? I just ordered the G2, but it's on back order so I have a chance to cancel and reorder the G1. I'm getting mine mainly for the distance so that I can shoot choral singing from the back of the room, so I'm not sure that a slower AF would really impact me...and when you guys talk about the AF being slower do you mean just a fraction of a second slower, or seconds slower.What is important is that the pictures be as sharp as they can be esp at 400mm. Is this better on the G1?

Thanks as always for sharing your experience and knowledge!


The conclusion is to look beyond a set of handheld, video screen grab-crops from a web video and listen (=read) the user feedback:

The lenses are the same optically with improved coatings in the G2, which may help in very contrasty shots (counter-light, ...) and the AF acquisition is improved on the G2.

One addition: I assume the re-sell value of the G2 will be higher than that of the G1. besides the faster AF, the white paint may help


Thanks Ralf!

You're right besides the optics/AF, it's good to consider that the resell value will be better.

Now I'll just have to be patient and wait for them to restock the lens. 


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