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Re: Multimedia is here to stay...

marike6 wrote:

Whether people here shoot a lot of video, or none at all is beside the point. In 2013 as multimedia imaging has become is the norm, a high-end camera with poor video capabilities simply will not appeal to as wide an audience as the competition.

It is also wasteful to implement high quality IBIS and not bother to add 24p or 60p, high bit rates, a mic and headphone input, uncompressed HDMI, etc., but video has never been a focus of Olympus. But 30p alone is not going to get it done for most of us, which is why the GH3 is looking like the best all-around m43 camera at the moment. That probably won't change with the E-M1 but nobody knows for sure until it's officially announced.

Finally a reasonable person.

People need to understand that the OM-EM1 is a multimedia camera (mic input, Mov recording), even Leica been a Photographic centered brand is upgrading the video specs with the Leica M camera, you must understand that photography world has been changing and company has been forced to adapt video on the cameras even on the PRO lines.

I make corporate videos, music video clips, TV spots, all of this with mirrorless camera, because i'm living in a not so secure and very expensive country, so the mirrorless cameras has a very advantage here because of the size, costs and expandibility. I already own a GH3 for this, even thinking in a Blacmagick Pocket too, but none of then has the great 5-axis stabilization that Olympus have; so? was just simple logic to assume that the a new Camera will be updated with better video specs, if it was not the intention of Olympus to improve the perception of the OM as multimedia camera, then why added the microphone input?.

To me PRO mean pro specs on all areas, and to the people that think i need a video camera i can say you, You don't need a OM-D PRO you need a EOS 1D; got it?

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