E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses

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People be crazy

3DrJ wrote:

I read through all the posts in this thread, and I think there are a few points that have been overlooked.

The "debate" over the EM1 video specs is, if anything, premature. The camera has not yet even been officially announced by Olympus. All of the reported "specifications" are, in fact, so far just rumors.

It means the product eventually released could differ significantly from the "leaked" descriptions being circulated. In that light, "arguing" over mere speculations seems hardly worthwhile or constructive.

Also, since we don't know the actual capabilities of the EM1, it may turn out that the real specs are more favorable than thought. We just don't know.

As it is, bashing one another based solely on rumor seems terribly misapplied. Better we would have informed bashing. Better still, if it happens the camera exceeds current expectations, all the noise becomes suddenly just silly, certainly unnecessary.

When I started this thread, it certainly wasn't to start a debate among video users vs non-video users. I think I was very clear in stating that my "potential" disappointment was with Olympus, as I want the E-M1 to be a killer camera. I was reading the leaked specs and rumors, and it seemed like an improvement over the EM5 in many regards, except video output.

I really don't know why the video haters feel the need to voice their opinion in here... I mean... I don't use the sepia art filter, but I don't post in every single thread I see about sepia that its useless and I wish Oly would remove it.

But I guess that's just the nature of the internet....

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