Dilemma: A99 vs new Olympus E-M1

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Re: Dilemma: A99 vs new Olympus E-M1

Seeky wrote:

If you are going to use the camera mainly for traveling, I wouldn't buy any FF camera. Think about what you are going to shoot. It is true that a FF DSLR is still the most versatile camera, but you may not need that kind of versatility.

If you are going for the A99 (733g) for traveling, consider not buying the heavy f2.8 zooms, but carry a 70-300G (760g), 24 prime (Zeiss: 555g / Minolta 215g) and that would be enough, maybe add a 50 f1.4 (221g) for walk around purposes. Another option would be a 28-75 f2.8 (587g) combined with the 70-300. Those heavy lenses were never meant to be carried everywhere by consumers to take nice pictures. They aren't necessary either. The above kits are around 2-2.5 kg which is very easy to carry in a backpack.

Important is to realize if you are going to need maximum DOF control or going to shoot in tough and cold conditions. If you are just wanting to travel comfortable, I wouldnt bother with a FF camera. Get a mirrorless camera of your liking with a fast standard zoom or faster primes and a telezoom and be done.

In my opinion, I would still carry an A99, but that is because I don't mind the weight with a good strap, and 1,5 kg camera lens combo isn't heavy for me. I also wouldn't use it solely for traveling, so my main camera needs to be versatile. I would carry it because I want the DOF control, ergonomics, and those good old Minolta lenses are so cheap compared to all the new mirrorless stuff.

That's really a statement. 'Those heavy lenses were never meant to be carried everywhere by consumers to take nice pictures'. Oh, I didn't know, then I should never have bought my CZ24-70 and walked around with that.

'They aren't necessary either'. What? I didn't know that. Please tell us more wise words...!

- Poul

Okay, my first statement is a bit stupid, but what I meant is these are pro grade lenses. Which means you will getting the good results but at a price of carrying a large and heavy package. Doesn't bother me, but many people won't pay that price. Quite understandable since the intended usage is on professional level, which is why they were developed anyways. However, everybody may decide what they want to carry, of course.

Necessary they aren't indeed. Primes yield as good or better image quality at mostly larger apertures. They only lack in convenience.

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