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Re: Does the Panasonic FZ50 violate the laws of Physics?

Stephen Barrett wrote:

Thank you Jimmy,

Your post was 5 minutes earlier than mine. It is a great relief that I made a mistake, rather than having the laws of mathematics and physics violated.

Thanks for the link. I am learning a lot of new things from your posts and papers.

Thanks for your kind remarks Stephen. It is good to hear that my efforts are appreciated and that you have found my contributions helpful.

Your comments about frequency and space domains in one of your earlier posts brought back memories of several technical meetings during which I had some difficulty in trying to persuade the frequency domain enthusiasts that these methods have limited validity for some problems.

It seems to me that 4000 x 3000 pixel digital image in which every detail must consist of an integer number of pixels may well fall into that category. As you will see from the images in my previous post each of the lines and spaces in the 1.5 pixel Es in the simulation has an integer thickness of either one or two pixels each of a shade of grey which is defined by the percentage overlap.

Thus using an R,G,B scale of 0,0,0, for black and 255,255,255 for white, a black line which overlaps an adjacent row of pixels by 10% of a pixel height has been represented by two rows of pixels with values of 25.5,25.5,25.5 and 229.5,229.5,229.5 respectively.

As will be seen from the following images the situation becomes even more complex when the colours of the Bayer matrix are included in the simulation.

1.5 pixel simulation showing position of Es in relation to the R,G & B filters of the Bayer matrix and theresulting colours for each pixel.

Simulation of 1.5 pixel Es showing the results as grey-scale images and as colour versions determined by their positions in relation to the R,G & B filters of the Bayer matrix.


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