Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

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jrtrent wrote:  With the majority of digital cameras, I can use its JPEG engine and adjust the image parameter settings to get output I'm happy with with no need for further manipulation using image editing software;

Incomplete and misleading thought, there.  I meant to say that with the majority of digital cameras I have purchased I could adjust its controls to get pleasing output straight from the camera.  That's usually my goal when buying a camera, and I read test reports and look at sample images to try to determine beforehand if I'll be happy with it, but sometimes even then I find after actual use that a different choice might have been better.  I did once buy a camera knowing its JPEG output would be substandard, but I was intrigued enough by the Foveon sensor technology that I bought a Sigma SD14 anyway.  Shooting raw and using its accompanying software resulted in some of the best image quality I've ever gotten, but I find it more satisfying to stick to cameras from which I can coax good quality JPEG's.

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