Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

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Re: Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

Another way to look at this is that in the film days you could change the character of your shots by changing films.

With digital you use the same "film" all the time although it can be tweaked a bit.

When film came around photography was already about 50 years old and almost 80 when color came around.  If you want to get back to basics why film? why not wet plates?  These had ISO 1 or so and some of those who used this got wonderful results.  Matthew Brady covered the Civil War using plates he sensitized in the tent he traveled with.and his technology was considered whiz bang compared to Fox Talbot's.

IN addition to more demanding films, tehse guys had lenses that today are occasionaly useful as paperweights.  They had high f/# lots of flare and if you want to change the f?stop you changed the card with a hole in it.

Shiutter.  YOU pulled off the lens cap and replaced it, hoping you did not shake the camera.

Even then they said the ones who started by painting were better than than those who just took up photography.  They were probably right and it also may hold today as well.

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