Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

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Re: Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

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PP standard for Post processing. no pp simply means no processing was done post image coming out of camera. it doesnt mean there was no processing. You need to realise that there are no images without processing. OOC JPEG are just images processed by the camera, using facotry default setting. Most serious photographers dont use them because the processing is not as good as what they can do themselves.

Shooting JPEG does not mean using factory default settings or, as Ron put it in a post above, that the designers got their way. Some people prefer not to post-process, or at least keep it to as minimal a level as possible. Some review sites still provide information and sample images showing the range and fineness of control over various image parameter settings available to the photographer.  With careful shopping and camera setup, many of us find we can get results we like straight from the camera; for me, part of the fun and challenge of photography is choosing and controlling a camera in such a way that further processing is not needed.  For others, at least half the fun is seeing what they can do with an image using Photoshop or some other advanced software.  Whatever makes a person happy should be fine with the rest of us.

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