Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

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Re: Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

If I wanted to limit my options there is always JPEG.  Back in the 70s I shot a lot of B&W because I could post process it.  I would have rather been shooting color but while developing and printing my own B&W images was pretty easy color had much tighter temperature tolerances and was out of my price range too.  When I shot color slides I was often frustrated by not being able to tweak the image.

While there are a lot of things that are best done while shooting being able to adjust things like contrast, tone curves, vibrance, saturation, etc. after the shot was taken can really improve an image.  In theory I could have got the look of the PP shot below by adjusting the JPEG parameters and looking at the LCD until I got what I wanted.  But it was a LOT easier to do so by sliding some sliders in Lightroom while looking at the picture on a 24 inch calibrated monitor when I got back home.  And if my tastes change I can always change the settings and export another JPEG.  Over the years I have found my taste in photos has shifted from bright and vibrant to darker and richer.

I do agree that some people go way over the top when it comes to PP.  But that is a matter of personal preference.  I do not like HDR photos that are obviously HDR photos but many people do.  There are also a lot of pictures you see that have been improved by PP and since the results are not overdone you never realize how much PP was done.

Look at the 2 photos below.  If you had not seen the OOC would you have known the second one was processed?  And which one do you like better?  I thought the OOC version looked dull and the sky was not as blue as I remembered.

Out of camera

Post processed

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