The one thing about your N1?

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I am buying a V1 with an FT1 adapter to use my F mount telephoto lenses to achieve very narrow angle of view. That will allow me to photograph small birds and animals without having to get too close & encroach on their circle of fear. It will also allow more reach for shooting water fowl where I physically cannot get any closer. I chose the V1 over the V2 based on price. The V2 has better ergonomics but not enough to justify the price difference

In case anyone is tempted to follow my example let me just point out that this extreme reach is only really useful at reasonably close range - a couple of hundred meters maximum on a clear day. Don't think that you can get high quality images of larger subjects that are several miles distant, because atmospheric dust and moisture rob you of detail and contrast unless conditions are exceptionally clear.

That's the one thing. I also think that the V1/FT1 will make for an excellent tool for macro combined with my F mount macro lens.

I am not planning on buying any more '1' series lenses beyond the kit lens for the time being because I already cameras & lenses that cover all my other requirements. It will be interesting to see what direction Nikon takes the '1' system in in the future though.



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