Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

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Re: Film Vs Digital (not the usual question)

cmc1 wrote:

I feel at lot of images posted on-line now are over processed

That is only because there are a lot of images posted online. if there are 1 billion images on the internet and 1 millon are over processed, does that mean much?

and not a true reflection of the Camera users true skills, abilities or passion for photography.

Why not? a image someone thinks is worthy of posting on the internet, is in their view, a good reflection of their skill, ability and maybe passion for photograpy.

I know a few people who were trained using film and appear to be far better photographers for it.

I know none of such person, but I know many many very good photographers who honed their craft with digital. I dont think it matters what medium you use, as long as you are a thinking person and persistent, you become a better photographer.

Also, wouldn't it be good if there were modern software that limited digital post processing to the same level as film?

Would that suck really bad?

It's great to see "straight out the camera, no PP" on posted images

PP standard for Post processing. no pp simply means no processing was done post image coming out of camera. it doesnt mean there was no processing. You need to realise that there are no images without processing. OOC JPEG are just images processed by the camera, using facotry default setting. Most serious photographers dont use them because the processing is not as good as what they can do themselves.

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