can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

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Digital cameras these days are basically disposable items, not investments.

You need to think of modern digital cameras as the film of yesteryear and are therefore basically disposable. Advancements in technology of digital cameras (and most other devices) sees to it that things become worthless in time and the quicker the advancements, the quicker they become worthless.

Some here may be too young to remember paying for a roll of 36 shot film and then having to pay to have it developed as well.

Back in the 80's, it used to cost me about $5-7 for a 36 roll of film and then another $8-10 to get it developed and printed.

Let's say you shoot about 2,000 images a year, which is not unrealistic for many. This equates to about 55 rolls of film and at say $10 (allowing for modest inflation) for the 36 shot film and another say $15 for devloping and printing, that is $25 x 55 = $1,375 per year!

So, you spent $700 on your Sony 5R, if you keep your camera for two years and then even if you sell it for a 1/3 of it's original cost, it has only really cost you about $470 which is about 1/6 of what you would have spent on film! Equation = Film for 2 years at 2,000 images = about $2700 (as above), the camera after 2 years and selling it for a 1/3rd it's original cost is a cost of $470 to you, means that it is about a 1/6 the cost of film.

I'll wager that many of you shoot way more than 2,000 images a year and so the cost of your cam pales into insignificance when you consider what you may have spent on film "in the old days".

Not to mention the fact that you can happily snap away on your digital cam and hone technique and get your composition right etc, where on film every time you snappped it cost you money and therefore you were loathe to do it and your learning curve was much steeper, if you actually learnt at all! The thing is, you had to wait until you got your shots back and you'd forget what you did to get a good or bad shot unless you wrote it all down. We now have instant confirmation of your technique, instant gratification, and EXIF data!l

Forget about the cost of your computer and memory etc, as you'd have that anyway these days.

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