E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses

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Re: E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses

Brian Wadie wrote:

Not me - I buy a camera for stills and would get a video camera if I wanted to shoot movies, so for me the video capabilities are irrelevant

Not me either. These video specs are fine for me. I am sure there is a price I have to pay if these specs are upgraded in any way.

I don't want the camera compromised in any design consideration for the sake of better video, e.g. a wider aspect EVF or LCD (smaller image for stills and possible degradation in EVF performance or quality like what is affecting the GH3), a sensor that is in some way unable to capture the best still photos due to higher video performance requirements (AA filter or response decisions in the sensor), a higher price to get a higher bit rate and other advanced video parts, less room in the firmware to store still photo related features, more weight to carry, less attention from Olympus in still photo feature updates/support, ....

Those who want more in video, just go get the GH3, GX7 ... Good to have a choice in whether to buy a camera with the best video or the best still photo capability.

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