Photographer faces law suit

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Re: I am a Christian Wedding photographer.... here is my view.

pavi1 wrote:

steelski wrote:

Do you discriminate equally against all sinners?

Oh no, I fell for it. silly me. I discriminate (sarcasm)
we are all sinners, especially gay people....... (sarcasm).

I think you missed the point.
Its crazy to think that someone is getting sued for refusing to photograph something they are against...... It does not mean he hates homosexuals. someone's livelihood is at stake here.... all because he holds a firm moral belief. The bible deems it immoral. it defines marriage as man and woman..... and government defines it between one x and one x/y... soon probably more letters will be added. As photography is (hopefully) artistic....... I would ask why government is oppressing artists....

Sorry you are so misinformed on Christianity. You will spend eternity in Hell for your sins just as they will. Maybe you will get a guy for a bride when you get there. Justice for all.

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I am certainly not misinformed about Christianity. And I will not be spending an eternity in Hell, because I am saved through the blood of Christ. I believe there is salvation for ANYONE if they choose it....... But you can not be a servant to two masters. God is not just love, but reverence, purity and righteousness. 
If you want to talk more then please PM in future, no more of this you're going to hell business when you know nothing about me.

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