Dilemma: A99 vs new Olympus E-M1

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How do you use your gear?

How you use your camera should tell everything about your gear needs.

The A99 is excellent for high quality work, low light handheld photography and shallow dof-stuff. The downside is bulk and weight, which normally doesn't matter that much when photography is the main goal of your activity.

But for walking around and when travelling a small and lightweight system really makes a difference. I am using my FF camera for different kind of photography, but I am looking for a camera or system that I can carry for daily walks and when travelling light without thinking about weight and bulk, and which doesn't draw a lot of attention from people around.

Highest available technical image quality doesn't matter that much, especially when the quality is over the top for what you are doing and for how you use the pictures. When caring about content (content is king!) the most important factor is that the camera is at hand all the time!

When looking at high ISO samples from small sensor-cameras like the RX100 I realize that sensor size doesn't matter that much anymore, especially when looking at technical image quality. And for creative effects like shallow dof there are a lot of tricks, like using a longer focal length or bright lenses and ND filter. On the other hand, shallow dof more often is a problem ...

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