E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses

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Spoild Child Mentality

Sorry, but most complaints I read about those video specs are related to Spoiled Child Mentality. Most complainers don't really need better video specs, but they WANT it, just to have it.

They compare Olympus with Panasonic or Sony. But those companies have different needs.

Panasonic and Sony sell professional video equipement. Those divisions are probably more important for them, in terms of benefits, than consumers and stills cameras.

So they need to capture future pro customers.

That's why GH-like cameras exist. Those cameras are fantastic bargains for Indies or beginners filmmakers on a budget, which most importantly are potential future buyers of their pro video equipement.

So Panasonic and Sony do have a financial interest to make GH-like cameras.

What about Olympus?

  • Do they have a pro video camera division? No.
  • Do they have some financial interest to captivate future pro filmmakers? No.
  • Do they have financial problems? Yes.

So why would Oylmpus invest right now in video technology, knowing that the costs would be higher than the benefits, having no interest to capture filmmakers because they do not have pro video equipment to sell?

A tip for those who want better video specs, buy a dirt cheap Panasonic GF2 : it's hacked (you can load very High bitrates) and have 25p.

For sunday or occasional videographers, the EM-1 specs are well above their needs.

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