How noticable shutter shock is on GX1?

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How noticable shutter shock is on GX1?

Good morning, Everyone!

I am planning to buy a - nowadays really cheap - Panasonic GX1. During a forum talk I have been warned, that this camera is very sensitive to shutter shock phenomenon between 1/60 and 1/200. I had a GF2 before, but I did not really suffer from this - at least, I did not connected my blurred images to this name. But overall, it was not really disturbing.

I know that with the 14-42 X lens it is quite pronounced, but I don't have that lens.

So, what is your experience with GX1 and shutter shock?

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There is shutter shock, and it is very disturbing with any lenses.
7.1% 2  votes
There is shutter shock sometimes, but I don't really notice it during my every day photography.
17.9% 5  votes
I don't really notice shutter shock.
75.0% 21  votes
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