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Re: If that is what you do Gary

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

#1) NO! I am not one of those who shoot 2000 images in a day - any day. That is a sign of a neurotic photographer who can't decide if he got the shot or not. Unless you are doing multiple shot mode, there is no conceiveable reason to shoot that many.

You (and some other posters in this thread) are sounding like the most inflexible and pedantic people in the world. Accept that lots of other photographers do lots of things differently from the way you do. They have their ways, you have yours... and nobody really needs to worry about what the ways of others are.

#2) How in Hades can anyone shoot perfect white balance and exposure with 2000 images in a single day? If you are not tweaking and correcting your photos for all of the things that can happen to throw those off a little, how can you show them to anyone? Explain how one setting in any program can process them all. Are you doing some sort of Auto WB and Auto Exposure in RAW processing? Not looking at every single image? Yikes. Maybe there is a whole technology that I have yet to learn.

Maybe. Or maybe you just shouldn't worry about it if you don't seem to get it after hundreds of postings and replies. As long as your clients like what you do, be thankful and enjoy that.

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