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Coming a cropper....

jeffharris wrote:

Cropping? That's another issue entirely. It's certainly not composition, which seems to be a lost discipline.

I shot slides, too, but whether shooting slides or drawing, was taught to compose using the entire page/frame. Even when shooting with a less than ideal or unfamiliar focal length, I'll try to see and compose in such a way to take advantage of what I'm seeing through the lens, not rely on "cleaning it up" later. It's often challenging, but ultimately worth the effort.

In my brief encounter with camera clubs I did quite well with prints in the monthly competitions, but never really did so well when I used slides.

It slowly dawned on me that it was the cropping that did it. I always have been a slightly sloppy frame taker so as to make sure "everything is included" and then when printed, the mat "L" shapes were slid around over the print until the revealed part looked right to me, then a custom mat cut to suit.

With slides I was stuck with the framing at taking time and the sometimes awful 3:2 aspect ratio.

Now of course it's all about cropping because I mostly view stuff on 16:9 screens so careful crops are done at that ratio to the 4:3 RAWs until I get what I like, sometimes though 16:9 just does not work for an image so I may more head back towards 4:3 to include or exclude just what I think looks right.

And of course some sensible/appropriate composition "rules" may be obeyed at taking time to start out with something that is useful. Being too clever with framing at taking time has its risks, so I go a bit sloppy to be safe. Plenty of MP nowadays so cropping is not a worry.

Regards....... Guy

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