Dilemma: A99 vs new Olympus E-M1

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Re: Seriously? You would pay $1500 Olympus E-M1 (body only) ?

Kwick1 wrote:

I'm very familiar with sensor sizes. I also know that stunning photos are possible with just about any size. Full frame doesn't necessarily mean better quality.

And it's not the weight of the body that is the limiting factor, it's the lenses.

I know that the a99 will be higher quality, especially in dynamic range. As I and others have mentioned in this thread, it's all about how each of us defines "good enough".

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You're contradicting yourself. 'Full frame doesn't necessarily mean better quality' - 'I know the a99 will be higher quality'. I don't try to stick it in your nose, but I know you have some sort of inner conflict about this ...my advice is to choose the a99, because if not, you'll be thinking a lot about 'what it could have been' when you look at your shots after the trip. I also travel some, and I just realize that the opportunity to go with higher IQ cost some. Pain in the back, getting tired etc. But that's my decision,even at 62 I carry 3-4 kgs. with me in warm humid conditions. Granted, I sweat a lot and get tired, but in the end you'll forget about that when you review your shots back home. And for me, only FF gives the real 'film quality' - hard to explain, but more natural looking images. I can't do without.

- Poul

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