Photographer faces law suit

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Re: Photographer faces law suit

Peter A. Stavrakoglou wrote:

timo wrote:

I can understand why some people might be a bit irritated by the lawsuit, but do you think the photographer would have been justified in refusing to cover a wedding because the couple was black? The answer is obviously no. So.

Some feel that this is apples and oranges. Being black is not a choice, some believe that being gay is.

Yes, well, the 'some' who believe that being gay is a choice would be wrong. Discredited by modern science/medicine.

Gay activists can be a strident pain, and no doubt this couple are having a whale of a time proving their point. But the photographer was behaving like an idiot. And is no doubt also having a whale of a time trying to prove a point.

The photographer was standing on moral principles that she believes in, hardly an act of idiocy.

I might feel morally justified in gunning down someone I believe to be guilty of something serious - that doesn't mean it I do it. I respect the law, which has the responsbility to adjudicate on such matters. There are plenty of racial supremacists around who would base their position on 'moral' grounds. They exist in every ethnic community.

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