Sony NEX-6 Benchmark Test?

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Re: Sony NEX-6 Benchmark Test?

I don't have this lens so I don't know if it's abnormal. The falloff does look pretty severe, although that's one of the easier things to fix in post. Resolution-wise it looks quite good, although 16mm is clearly not its strength. If you're not pixel-peeping, however, it looks fine even there. And this is a compact zoom -- something somewhere has to give.

It does seem a bit sharper on the right than on the left. That could mean decentering or maybe you just weren't square to the image. How did you square it up? (The classic method is with a small mirror on the target).

BTW, if you focus in the corners can you get sharper corners (at the expense of the center)? If so you have field curvature.

It seems you're discovering how thankless a task it is to do lens testing. So maybe I shouldn't add that lenses are designed for certain magnification ranges, and if you were to test at a different magnification you might get different results (eg, I have an OM 75-150 that's quite sharp at medium/medium-close distances and woefully soft at infinity.)

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