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How Christians can change the law.

My Christian friends, I'm very sorry, but the religious moral arguments used against same sex marriage are just not sound enough to affect a secular government. The freedoms you cherish could not stand unless you allow them to stand for all others as well.

I recommend forgetting about the religious based moral argument. It's not working. And it is becoming a mockery of itself. What you need is a new argument to persuade the government with. An argument that can turn the public sentiment against same sex marriage so radically that politicians dare not risk their public office by defying the logic behind it. Perhaps consider a philosophical argument instead.

For instance, here's one you probably haven't heard.

A reason for banning same sex marriage.

Same sex marriage is a leap frog issue. It seeks to validate a lifestyle which cannot be validated upon its own merit. Thus, it seeks instead, the validation of an established historical institution which has proven to validate itself upon its own merit since the beginning of the family unit.

From Immanuel Kant's Categorical Imperative...

"Act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law."

Thus, following this logic, what would the state of the world be if everyone was homosexual? Would the human species be capable of surviving this long? If the answer to that question is no, then regardless if homosexuality is a choice or birth nature, perhaps homosexuality is a lifestyle incapable of validating itself upon its own merit.

If this is so, and homosexuality cannot validate itself upon its own merit (as heterosexuality can), the question must be asked... Should homosexuality be allowed to validate itself upon the merit of another established institution proven throughout history to be self validating? Upon what notion does a lifestyle which cannot validate itself upon its own merit have the right to claim validation from another lifestyle that does?


This argument was presented to me by a homosexual couple that does not believe in same sex marriage. Yup, they're against it completely. They are a happy couple and intend to be together for life. They have no desire to get married. And they have no desire to steal the validation from another lifestyle in order to validate their own.

They told me about a conversation they had with other gays. They asked if it would be good enough if the government simply granted equal rights to gay unions. The answer is always no, marriage is the only answer. They asked if it would be good enough if the government actually granted more rights to gay unions... Again the answer is always no. They feel that homosexuals demand marriage because it is the only way that gays can actually validate their lifestyle for all the world to see, and be seen as equals among heterosexuals.

I'm not saying if I agree or disagree with this argument. I see a few problems with it. But I really don't care either way on the issue. But if you're going to be a Christian, then read your bible and follow it. If you want to change the law, then present an argument that is based in logic, rather than moral superiority.  You'll have to ask yourself how much of the charge you really want to take in the matter.  Will you show up to the local government hearings and make your case in public?  Complaining about it to each other in church and on forums is not going to change a thing.  Are you prepared to take on the responsibility of a grass roots effort that is surely decades in the prospect?

In the mean time, follow the law of the land as your bible instructs to do. Otherwise you may not really be a Christian at all.

With highest respect to everyone...

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