Oh no ! Not another Iridient Developper test !

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Re: Oh no ! Not another Iridient Developper test !

Beat Traveller wrote:

It's fairly trivial to achieve the same look in Lightroom by increasing clarity and sharpness ever so slightly.

It is however, not a simple matter to catalog and process a couple of hundred files after a day of shooting with Iridient, particularly given that on my machine it takes an average of 5-10 seconds to update file previews as you make changes (whereas Lightroom is near instantaneous), and that Iridient's tools for extending dynamic range and controlling moire are much more difficult to achieve pleasing results with than Lightroom's.

I have to ask...if it's so "trivial" then why is it that I and several online bloggers have failed to accomplish it after HOURS of trying? I've seen postings claiming this, yet the images shared prove the opposite with smearing, parquet effect and all kind of ACR "nastiness". LR sharpening is infamously horrible with X trans files. I would add the OP's shared images in the tradition of proving ID's clear superiority with X trans files.

I find nothing about LR5 "near instantaneous". I use the 15" rMBP with 16GB RAM, SSD and external thunderbolt drive. I've been a LR user since it's first beta. I'm generally a "fan", but less so in recent years as I feel it has fallen behind alternatives a bit. The X trans is truly a different beast, that Adobe has yet to tame imo.

Kind of blows my mind how radically different user experiences can be.

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