Canon EOS M 18-55 mm vs EOS EF-S 18-55mm

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Re: Canon EOS M 18-55 mm vs EOS EF-S 18-55mm

I had not realized there were that many, not surprised either, but as I read it, there are currently three 18-55s. I assume they've dropped a couple. Somewhere in a closet I have an old 18-55 (I think) that doesn't have IS or I may have given it to a friend.

But I was comparing the EF-S 18-55 IS II with the M version. They were both the current models when I bought the M last year. I'm not sure what month they introduced the EF-S not M version in STM. I think, but don't know with any certainty, that the STM version of the EF-S standard mount was introduced earlier this year. Don't know how far back the IS II version goes.

The most compact of them is the M version which is 2.4x2.4 inches. The EF-S IS II version is 2.7x2.8 inches and the EF-S standard EOS STM is 2.72 x 2.96 inches. The weight differences are maybe .10 ounces, not much difference.

I compared the two, the standard IS in both versions when I first got the M and discovered how unhappy focusing made me (not to say it didn't do things I liked). I used the standard EF-S in an interim period until they had enough of the M STM lenses to cover the M shipments.

I think you could make a case that the .56 inches of the standard mount EF-S STM version bulks up the package, but so does the .4 inches of the IS II compared to the M mount 18-55. Obviously, you add a bit more with the standard EF-S mount due to the adapter.

The performance looks about the same to me on all three charts with fits with practice. If I expected a lens to cover both the M and the crop factor DSLRs, you'd have to balance price against whatever. the STM is supposedly superior for video if someone wants one lens for two cameras. I don't play in video very often and when I use the M, I like the compactness of the M version. My checks assumed the camera was in focus, problematic at the time.

The price of the adapter has dropped $60 since I bought mine, but to combine the both ways 18-55, using bh prices, you'd pay 139+245=$384 (or best deal you can get). I don't know if I'm going any further with the M - it seems so far like an afterthought for Canon.

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