Dilemma: A99 vs new Olympus E-M1

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Re: Dilemma: A99 vs new Olympus E-M1

Kwick1 wrote:

Not sure what the 110 format is, but if you're referring to micro 4/3rds, you can definitely get shallow DOF (which I love), just not quite as much as full frame.

I know that the quality of FF is better - no question there. It's a weight vs "good enough" argument in my head.

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Mark, "what is good enough" is very subjectiv and somethng you need to decide. The same with the weight factor. I don't believe anybody here can help you decide this.

I have quite a lot of different cameras, some of thm bigger and some smaller. At the end of the day, if top quality images would be your top priority then I would go for the A99 as this camera is capable of producing outstanding results, if it is weight, then I guess it might be the 4/3rds camera.

As you said though, you would have to pre-order the camera to get it in time for your trip. Now if this is a trip of a life time, I would be very reluctant to go with a camera system that you did not have the time to try out first. I personally have no experience with the 4/3rds system, but then I either take a Nex 5, Canon G10 or Sony A77 with a small zoom with me, whenever I want to travel light or my A99 if I am after top quality shots. At th end of the day I know prettty much all my cameras inside out and I know their limitations and how to work with them.

Any new camera system takes time to get used to and this is not something I would like doing while on a trip.

Not sure this helps...just my two pennies


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