That RAW Troublemaker Again With Files

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Re: Or....

silentstorm wrote:! Forehead slap! NOW you're talking! Try this:

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Gary Eickmeier

Downloaded this & have a quickie check. With everything set at default 0 & WB custom set to 5500K, the full pics look like this:

Photoshop ACR

The one converted with Sony IDC with DRO off & NR off & len correction off

Prelim results is that I see more colour hues from the IDC converted. Haven't really look deeper into the images, so that's a first glance

Do you have any images with more colour hues?

Might have - I have posted many images in the last couple of months - but I think the group is tiring of this subject right now.

Sorry I had to pull my files off the group but it looked to me like they were letting the world into my computer and making other files visible. Maybe it just happened that way on my computer because it got those other ones from offline, but still bothered me.

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Gary Eickmeier

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