Highlight/Shadow "blinkies" on OM-D E-M5 - frustrated in M mode

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Highlight/Shadow "blinkies" on OM-D E-M5 - frustrated in M mode

I'm feeling like a bit of an idiot here. The concept of the blinkies seems brilliant, but in practice I can't make any sense of the relation between the exposure settings on my camera and the H/S areas being shown.

I'll explain with a typical example, and would really appreciate if someone could explain what I'm missing.

I'm using the camera in M mode with spot metering.

The test subject is the interior of my room, with glass doors leading to a sunny outdoors, where cars, people, trees are moving. The scene is beyond the DR of the sensor, so I always can see either orange or blue H/S areas.

If I meter and set exposure for the interior wall, then the outside is shown in orange (as expected). If I hold the camera still then as I change my shutter speed or aperture, the blue/orange areas change accordingly (again as expected).

However if I then move the camera so that my frame is centred on the outside scene, the orange/blue areas change even though I haven't changed my exposure! Interior areas suddenly turn blue, and only the brightest parts of the outside remain orange.

If I slowly move the frame to centre it on different parts of the outside scene, the orange areas continue to change. It seems as if the H/S areas are completely independent of the exposure I have set on the camera and are only showing me the areas that would be under/overexposed if I changed my exposure to meter for the current centre of the frame.

This makes sense for the automatic modes, but of course this is no use at all in M mode. I have already set my exposure based on the subject and then just want to see which areas will be over/underexposed as I reframe this subject within the frame.

One workaround seems to be to hold the shutter release button halfway down as I recompose (then the orange/blue areas don't change).

But sometimes I want to reframe and then wait some time until background elements move, or take a series of shots over a long period during which background shadows/sunlit areas may change quite dramatically. It's quite impractical to stand there with the shutter half-pressed for minutes at a time (or longer) while monitoring the frame.

Is there a setting for the blinkies which will display the coloured areas relative to the current exposure setting?

Thanks in advance for help.

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