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Re: Christ commanded to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's.

Gene L. wrote:

You have neglected to note that civil disobedience was very present in the early church,

Please site examples.  I provided actual scriptures to back up my comments.

beginning with Christ himself who was put to death for claiming to be King of the Jews.

Christ never claimed to be King of the Jews.  Please provide a scriptural reference or retract your comment.

All of His disciples were persecuted and put to death for refusing to adhere to the laws against their religion

Sorry Gene...  That's a bit of a stretch, in that Christianity itself was either outlawed, or scorned by mobbing Jews or Pagans.  I challenge any Christian to honestly compare refusing to associate with homosexuals as somehow on par with martyrdom in the name of Christ.

It's so odd to think that Christ himself hung out with the worst of the worst of that day, healing them, forgiving them... but most modern Christians would no doubt reject their faith if threatened with the lions den or gladiator butchering or crucifixion.  Please don't suggest refusal to work with perceived sinners as somehow comparable to a death sentence for being a Christian.

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