New Canon 800 mm Prime

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Re: Well, I have the 600+1.4x and ...

Ken Phillips wrote:

... that 1.4x is NEVER off of the lens! Still, I keep the 600 because maybe some day I can use a little less range and a little more speed. It could happen!


i got my 600mm f4 II a few months ago and i do have both of the caon tc extender III. i tested my lens taking photos of the moon and tried both tc extenders with dissapointing result finding that 600mm f4II works the best without using tc. when i watched my moon photos without using tc on my laptop, the photos seemed stunning, the detail and sharpness was outstanding! however, the photos that i used either tcs, turned out ok but not stunning as the ones without tc. the case of using tc with canon 300 f2.8II is different and infact it doersn't change the iq noticably at all. just a little info on this subject by the way, i don't find the canon 800mm f? as practical as the 600mm so i wouldn't worry about it.


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