Heated debate about 17mm/1.8

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not a landscape lens

Pikme wrote:

The 17 was not designed to be a landscape lens and most of those complaining about it are testing it (or more likely, reading about it) as a landscape lens. I nearly always use mine at f1.8 and it works very well at that aperture for my uses - but I'm not shooting traditional daytime landscapes with it.

I agree with that.

The lens works very well to photograph people at f/1.8 (although one wishes it was f/1.4 to get more bokeh), or other situations where you don't expect the entire photo to be in focus, but you want what you do focus on to be very sharp.

It's not a good landscape lens at wide apertures because of the field curvature. Stopped down to f/6.3, it's at least as good as any m43 zoom lens at that focal length. But I'd highly recommend the 9-18mm as a better landscape lens because it's just as sharp at 17mm (stopped down to f/8), but gives you many other focal lengths as well.

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