can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

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Re: can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

Dan W wrote:

I couldn't care less what the value of my 5R is. I'm not selling it any time soon and will probably never sell it. When I get a new camera, I'll keep the 5R or give it away.

That said, there are many people that regularly buy the latest, greatest model camera, just as they buy new cars, from what I read here. Apparently, many of those same people sell the old models. If, in fact, Sonys lose their value more quickly than other brands (which I doubt but do not know), that would not be a good thing for those people. Glad I'm not one of them.

look at lot of what you read on this forum from people who beat their chests about fungus ridden old lenses at one end and Zeiss Price at the other is just plain "minority crap".

The VAST MAJORITY of NEX's sold are 5/3's sold to families who want great DSLR like pictures without DEFINATLY the bulk and *WOULD* probably keep the camera for years .. the rest is just shrapnel in the overall scheme of things

* i use the word would as Sony's old management failure has been to provide fan boy "Zeiss Price" lenses and big bulky expensive dark zooms which is why they are in the last chance salon with the "NEX in a DSLR" ... problem is the lens range for the vast majority of its customers is crap (so thats excluding fan boys).

Ideally to cover family duties you would want "right priced" lenses to cover

1. general family and holiday carry - if you get a AF properly 16-50 Kit PZ thats perfect

2. portrait with  defocused background (and low light close up) - if the 35f1.8SEL was "right priced" (same as 50SEL rather than 2x) then this if a lot of your portraits were indoors or the 50SEL if a mixture of indoors/outdoors. - with OIS/AF

3. low light school/theatre stage shots & sports shots - ideally a "right priced" short range tele zoom (100-150 f4) (for point and shooters) or a couple of "right priced" primes -85mmSELf2 and say 120mmf3.5 with matched teleconverter option covering both

the really nice thing about primes in this range 50-150mm is that they are really easy to design well and cheap to make (compared to zooms, wide angel, long tele) as they are not subject to any of the nasty optical effects lower and higher focal length lenses are plus Sony already have a lens bank full of great prime optical designs - just shoehorning the OIS/AF in thats probably their issue

these primes would be relatively cheap, light, compact and with a telecon option perfect to take on holiday to cover a bit of safari, animal shots etc

but reality is that people buy the nex and all too often then realise how crap and uber expensive the lens choice is if you dont want a bulky dark full range zoom or wide angle lens .. and sadly unless Sony's management wise up P.D.Q. their right priced "NEXin a DSLR" will fail for lack of a decent right priced lens range covering the majority of its customers needs (and not just a few fanboys and their fisheye and wide angle landscape obsession)

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