Oh no ! Not another Iridient Developper test !

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Re: Oh no ! Not another Iridient Developper test !

Brian Griffith wrote:

Beat Traveller wrote:

It's fairly trivial to achieve the same look in Lightroom by increasing clarity and sharpness ever so slightly.

It is however, not a simple matter to catalog and process a couple of hundred files after a day of shooting with Iridient, particularly given that on my machine it takes an average of 5-10 seconds to update file previews as you make changes (whereas Lightroom is near instantaneous), and that Iridient's tools for extending dynamic range and controlling moire are much more difficult to achieve pleasing results with than Lightroom's.

Wow, definitely shouldn't take anywhere close to seconds to update the preview when making changes... something definitely seems off there, what Mac model and system are you using?

Preview updates should be essentially "real time" or close to it. I generally get 30+fps updates on recent Macs from the last couple of years, but even old Core 2 Duo Intel systems should still show much, much faster preview updates than 5-10 secs.

Iridient Developer is not meant to be an asset management program like Lightroom, Aperture, etc. It should however integrate very easily into virtually any asset management program you like to use from Lightroom to Aperture to iPhoto to PhotoMechanic to Bridge, etc. With Lightroom simply drag and drop images from the thumbnail browser in Lightroom onto the Iridient Developer icon in the dock to open them. Some people like to use plug-ins like Open Directly for the export step, but it's not necessary and I prefer simple drag and drop myself. Setup an Auto Import in Lightroom to automatically add the processed files from Iridient Developer back into your catalog. The X-Trans RAF images are certainly slower than most Bayer cameras due to more complex processing needed for the unique sensor pattern, but in most cases on a reasonably fast system full round trip from Lightroom to Iridient and back takes just seconds.

If you are using Lightroom 5 I recommend PNG format for 16 bit/ch images as they will be much smaller than TIFF format and use completely lossless compression. Unfortunately Lightroom 4 does not support PNG format. I believe all versions of Aperture have supported PNG.

For extending dynamic range in most cases it should be in most cases a simple one slider adjustment of Highlight Recovery, maybe with some shifting of exposure and/or shadows.

Best regards,

Brian Griffith (author Iridient Developer)

Iridient Digital

I'm using a 2010 Macbook Pro with 10.8.3 and 8gb ram. It's quite possible my Mac is just outside your testing range.

Anyway, I appreciate that the program isn't meant to replace LR as an asset management tool, but it takes much longer to build previews on my machine, and sending files to it just slows my workflow down. You've done a very good job of getting the best default settings, but my main problem with the demosaicing is that I frequently get hot pixels and chroma noise which is very difficult to eliminate with Iridient's built in tools.

I recall your posts in one of the earlier threads comparing raw converters where you noted that one has to make a trade-off between detail and reduced colour noise in the demosaicing process. My preference is definitely for minimal colour noise, which is why I prefer LR's output.

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