Photographer faces law suit

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Re: Photographer faces law suit

timo wrote:

I can understand why some people might be a bit irritated by the lawsuit, but do you think the photographer would have been justified in refusing to cover a wedding because the couple was black? The answer is obviously no. So.

Gay activists can be a strident pain, and no doubt this couple are having a whale of a time proving their point. But the photographer was behaving like an idiot. And is no doubt also having a whale of a time trying to prove a point.

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A wedding photographer is an active participant in the event. It is a clear violation of one's morality to participate in an act that one believes to be wrong. Should one be forced to do so because of civil law? From a religious standpoint I say no. From a legal standpoint I think the courts are deciding this now. When the dust settles I suspect that things will not probably not bode well for Christians, especially considering how many of today's social mores strongly oppose the teachings of the Judeo-Christian bible.

I don't know enough law to figure out if one can reject working for certain people groups for religious or any other reason, but if the case law sets a precedent against doing so, then there will be some photographers who will have to make some very difficult choices.

From an artistic perspective, I think most (if not all) artistic photographers could not produce their top work if the subject were found to be appalling. A good photographer could still produce good product, but probably not their best. It would only be fair that a potential client were warned that it was not a good fit. I certainly know of photographers who have refused work when the potential client was not a good fit for their style. In fact, books on wedding photography sometimes mention this. I would think that one could refuse on these grounds (but suspect the end result would be the same law suit).

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