So, how are they going to sort out the forums now?

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Roger Engelken
Roger Engelken Veteran Member • Posts: 4,542
If it is not broke, why fix it?

Mjankor wrote:

Are we going to end up with one big scrum of M4/3s and 4/3s, seeing as it's heading towards "one beautiful system"?

Perhaps: Oly Bodies, Panasonic Bodies and 4/3s & M4/3s lenses?

Thoughts, ideas, random people calling me an idiot?

Why worry?  I have my cameras and lenses, mostly Olympus four thirds, and unless they will suddenly vanish, which I think highly unlikely (well with my memory I could misplace them all), I will continue using them.  I suspect I am not alone.  If it is not broke, why fix it, and why worry about it?  Go have some fun and shoot something.  

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