70-400 II produce worst images than version I?

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Miike Dougherty
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Re: Discussing video screen shots ...

Ralf B wrote:

jeffcpix wrote:

Hard to believe that none of you can, or are willing to, set up a more 'scientific' way to test a lens for sharpness than to aim it at a flower or a patch of grass, use ambient light (as opposed to flash) and autofocus.

Hi Jeff,

my input was for the OP of this thread, questioning his conclusion based on video stills grabbed from the web, and not against the kind guy who shared his review in form of a video - which concluded on a rather positive note in favor of the G2.

I hope this clarifies things a bit. Beyond that, as I only own the G1 version of the brilliant SAL70-400G, I cannot offer a comparison myself.


Ralph, is your G1 as slow as the one on the video.  Mine, on an A57, is a lot faster.  I took it outside and tested it and for all practical purposes including college football, it's much faster than the one in the video.

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