DSLR Newbie Guidance - First Flash

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Re: DSLR Newbie Guidance - First Flash

eldreams wrote:

Wafin wrote:

I wanted to chime in on my yongnuo 568 ex II flash with yn22c triggers. Probably the best combination you can use for cheap and I do shoot on a canon body.

My one complaint with the 568 is that it is a lot slower to recharge than my 600ex-rt flash. Overheats in about 40 shots at full power where my 600 is still going.

There is a limit to the zoom feature to about 105mm so if you wanted a more focused flash you'll have to bring it in closer.

No place for an external battery pack to speed up the recharge time.

Also consider when doing outdoor sunlight photography you should really be looking at 2 or 3 flash untis to over power the sun if need be.

With the flash triggers I can control the flash from the canon menus but I can't speak for Nikon bodies.

If you don't take back to back shots with the flash at full power you will be fine...but like other people have said, you'll end up upgrading to the better stuff eventually. $200 now or an extra $200 in a month or so when you realize there are features on the Nikon flashes that you want.

Good luck!


I really appreciate you taking the time to chime in! At this time, I'm still new and on a strict budget - I wish I could buy 2 flashes now that would be ultimate, but unfortunately this is not an option unless I can find 2 under 250. My thought was to buy the 568EX get what I can out of it, and eventually (maybe next year) buy a Nikon/better flash and use the 568EX as my 2nd flash. I won't be taking back to back shots or speed-shooting, and my client in this case is family so I'm not worried about taking time to figure all this out (composition/lighting/etc). I think after these portraits and maybe next year I'll be in a better position budget-wise. I'm also ok with manually setting the flash settings if need-be.


It is always a good thing to pace yourself.  In my case I was doing the same until people wanted me to take more and more shots for them.  Renting the extra flashes for the photoshoots was an option but having to rent them 2-3 times a year got pretty expensive.  I think I should've charged more.

I'd recommend starting slowly to learn the in and outs but you'll find that you will learn a ton just by getting out and practicing and then coming back here to ask questions or check on youtube for your answers.  If possible, join a group of friends and borrow their lights if they are willing to do that if that would allow you to save up money.

Now if I could just figure out that inverse square law of light. 

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