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Re: Bring on a logical lens set....

Guy Parsons wrote:

Sergey Borachev wrote:

I started another thread about the need for a high-end 17mm lens in M43 yesterday and it reached 150 posts already.

Now, 43rumors is showing a patent for what might just be the lens I was waiting for, an Olympus 15mm f/2.0 and it seems to have a promising design. I hope it is weatherproof.

Maybe it represents some Olympus original thought.

Instead of sticking to the boring film days standard set of primes of 28/35/50 (equivalents) etc, maybe they are trying to get a more logical set of lenses established, suitable for the 21st century.

Boring film days standard? I don't even think of FLs in such terms (boring versus fun). FLs are more or less useful for my photography, that's all.

And what would your suitability criterion for the 21st century actually be? Do you really mean that the transition from film to electronic sensors seriously changes the way we think (or should think) about the suitability of different FLs?

Further, I am personally not thinking that my ideal series of primes should be evenly spaced by some factor, e.g., 2x or 1.4x. I am willing to accept a bigger gap in the middle, between slight WA and short tele, because I intuitively compose (right or wrong) in such a way that I rarely use that interval. Consequently, a prime series like 7.5, 12, 17, 45, 75 is perfectly fine with me although the intervals are not evenly spaced.

So is the series I am actually using at the moment, i.e., the same as above but with 20 replacing 17. Although I marginally prefer 17 over 20 if I think about the FL alone, none of the 17s currently available really appeal to me on other grounds . Hence, I stick with 20 as a substitute for 17.

On the other hand, 15 would be too far towards the wide end for me to be a good substitute for 17 or 20. The point of 17 (35 mm EFL), as I see it, is that it still works as a "normal lens" (minimal perspective distortion) unless ýou go very close with it while at the same time giving you a bit more leeway than 25 (50 mm EFL) to fit things in when you can't back up any further. At 15 (30 mm EFL), however, I'd say you are really out of "normal lens" territory.

Think in terms of 7.5/15/30/60 maybe for a 2x separated set, 60mm already there in the macro and 15mm in the toy lens cap lens so far - now for a real 15mm and hopefully 30mm later.

Then an even better 1.4x separated prime set would become 7.5/11/15/21/30/42/60 in rounded numbers. Nice. I might even stray from zooms if something sensible like that happens.

Regards...... Guy

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