E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses

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Re: E-M1 Video Specs - Everyone loses

mpgxsvcd wrote:

Brian Wadie wrote:

Not me - I buy a camera for stills and would get a video camera if I wanted to shoot movies, so for me the video capabilities are irrelevant

And we should take advice from someone who just assumes a video camera is better for video because it is referred to as a "Video Camera"? Video cameras were surpassed for both video and stills a long time ago by Panasonic Hybrid cameras.

Not handling wise. If this were the case ENG cameras and smaller pro/prosumer video cams would cease to exist.

I'd rather shoot video with something like this http://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sr5-cheap-4k-camcorder-coming-soon-sr2-mid-frame-mystery-cam/  than any dslr or mirrorless.

DSLR's and mirrorless is fine in very controlled situations like cine or commercial stuff. But they aren't in the same league for shooting on the fly.

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