why over-price [mirrorless] then crash. Why not price it correctly?

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why over-price [mirrorless] then crash. Why not price it correctly?

2013 is a great example of waiting a year before you buy anything:

  • $799.99 Canon EOS-M + 22mm STM (July 2012)... same price as 650d DSLR with OVF
  • $299.99 Canon EOS-M + 22mm STM (July 2013)
  • CRASH....-$500 in valuation, 63% depreciation in 1 year
  • $750 Sony NEX 5R + 18-55mm (Aug 2012)
  • $429 Sony NEX 5R + 18-55mm (Aug 2013) Slickdeals.net
  • CRASH....-$321 in valuation, 43% depreciation in 1 year
  • $699.99 Panasonic GX1 (Body Only) (Nov 2011)
  • $199.99 Panasonic GX1 (Body Only) (June 2013) 1yr 7 months
  • CRASH....-$500 in valuation, 71% depreciation in 1yr 7 months
  • (someone do a Nikon V1 calculation for me)

Why are Mirrorless camera are over-priced ridiculously high?  Mirrorless have less component than a DSLR, its doesn't have the expensive glass element of OVF to drive the cost high, everything is integrated circuit, everything can be mass produced cheaply, yet it cost as much as a DSLR....if not more.  (What give?)

Yet when the price is reduced, watch the sales took off....even in the land of Big-is-everything-America.  I would argue that there is actually an HUGE DEMAND for MIRRORLESS CAMERA....but @Cheap Prices.

Stop giving us the ridiculous

  • $1700 for Samsung Galaxy NX
  • $1500 for Olympus e-M1

We want more affordable cheap mirrorless camera, one that cost less than DSLR but out-perform it

  • Sony A-3000 is the first, hopefully more to follow

If mirrorless were price fairly from the beginning, we wouldn't have these kind of rapid depreciation that also hurt its loyal customer who bought it @high prices.  Why do we have to constantly play a Cat & Mouse game of waiting 1 year?

I strongly believe manufacturers are hurting themselves by over-pricing their mirrorless camera.  Worst, they are mis-directed into believing mirrorless doesn't sale, when it fact, they do sale....just not at their ridiculous price tag.

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