Your 5 suggestions to help me increase my keepers?

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Your 5 suggestions to help me increase my keepers?

Looking for (up to) 5 things that you have actually used, say more than twice, that you could suggest for me to help me increase the total number of good/interesting digital photos I end up with and hopefully also increase my joy of photography. Your suggestions should cost me less than US$2000, total (which can include selling my existing gear). I'm not interested in FF at all. Used stuff is fine.

Background: I am more the outdoor activities, rivers and mountains type.

I have a Canon 30D dslr and some decent Sigma zooms and a couple Canon primes, all of which rarely get used now because they are too bulky for me to want to carry them.

Also own the Panasonic FZ200 superzoom camera(which I purchased last year for a 4 month trip that included a budget African camping safari). I also have a small 10x P&S, small sensor Sony that is 3 years old but working fine (with help from some duct tape) and is the take-with-me camera when i remember but i find frustrating sometime as it doesn't have a viewfinder. I normally carry a pay-as-you-go Google cell phone with a poor 3.2 mp, no flash, camera.

I also have a couple of older Canon flashes and 2 tripods (one that can support the 30D with a heavy 2.8 zoom lens and a small carbon-fibre that can easily support the FZ200) I have Lightroom 4 but only use it to download and store my photos. I was also given PhotoShop Elements, 8 I think, but it is on a dvd and I use a laptop without a dvd drive now and never really learned to use it.

Most of my photo-viewing is on the laptop or an HD tv but i do have an older HP flat screen monitor that i sometimes connect to. I have a desktop PC (with dvd drive) that is about 4 years old and average quality that rarely gets fired-up. I almost never print my photos and have never printed larger than 11 x 17.

To date, I think the things that have increased my number of keepers the most (not to mention enjoyment getting them) are photographer Freeman Patterson's instructional books and carrying a pocketable camera. One increased it via quality and the other by quantity. I usually prefer quality solutions

Suggestions that require endless time indoors in front of a computer screen will be valued the least and therefore probably not used though some time there is undoubtedly going to be of benefit to me. Specific suggestions are more valued than general (eg, 'take a Strobist-type lighting course' vs.' take a photography course')


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