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Re: Nope.

EarthQuake wrote:

NZ Scott wrote:

Sergey Borachev wrote:

I started another thread about the need for a high-end 17mm lens in M43 yesterday and it reached 150 posts already.

Now, 43rumors is showing a patent for what might just be the lens I was waiting for, an Olympus 15mm f/2.0 and it seems to have a promising design. I hope it is weatherproof.

In what sense is the design promising?

I don't think this lens will be a premium offering. It doesn't make any sense for Oly to bring out a high-end weathersealed prime that is 1/3 stop slower than the existing 17/1.8.

If Oly does go weathersealed "PRO" at the 17mm focal-length it will be f1.4 or better.

I suspect that it might be a low-end kit lens replacement for the 17/2.8, which is currently playing second-fiddle to Panasonic's superior 20/1.7.


Yeah, I don't see a 15/2 as a "pro" lens either.

Really I want to see a 17/1.2 to go with Panasonic's 42.5/1.2, but that's probably wishful thinking. I would be pretty happy with a 17/1.4.

See my previous post. I think given the other requirements, like a small size, weatherproofing, internal focusing, and most of all real high-end IQ (unlike the 17/1.8), Olympus has chosen f/2.0. Sounds like a good balanced decision given all the constraints. I hope Olympus will also release a 10mm or 8mm prime to address another need in M43, so its lens lineup is more "pro".

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