V1 not the only camera to loose value. NEX 5R lost 1/2 its value in 7 months.

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Re: The V1 didn't "lose value"....

Jimmy jang Boo wrote:

tex wrote:

...because by virtually unanimous assent it was ridiculously priced to begin with.

Unanimous assent by the ignorant masses.

ahhh, hurling insults at educated consumers who did their comparison shopping and did not pay the inflated price , I guess the professional DPreview writers are also ignorant since they stated in their review

" it's impossible to ignore the fact that at street prices of around $600 and $800, respectively the J1 and V1 are entry-level mirrorless cameras that cost significantly more than several higher-end alternatives."

The fact is Nikon had no idea how to market the V1 or who to market the V1 to.

OK so then Nikon are the ignorant ones, not the consumers,

bought the V1 at full price. To this day there isn't another MILC at any price that can match the performance of the 1 series.

For most people (ignorant users as you call them)The AF focus speed of most mirrorless cameras is just perfect, they don;t need that extra .05 seconds of speed and the AF performance of the 1 series isn't sufficient to overcome its other shortcomings; to quote the "ignorant" reviewers here at DPreview:

" If you want to shoot moving subjects in good light with a small (ish) camera then the J1 and V1 really are the only game in town, at least as far as mirrorless models are concerned. If this sort of photography is not a priority for you, then given the strength of the competition it is very hard to recommend that you go out and buy either of these cameras."

Full review link here:


For someone who does value excellent autofocus in a small camera there are no other options available. For those people the Nikon 1 series has always been good value. The V2 at full price remains good value because there are no other cameras of a similar size that can match its performance.

Nikon has damaged the general perception of value of their 1 system by discounting the V1 so heavily when they should have been marketing it based on its performance and letting its price tail off gracefully. Its actual value to users who want dSLR speed in a compact and lightweight body is higher than any other mirrorless system or dSLR.

If I were to look at a £100,000 Ferrari I would say it was hopelessly overpriced. I don't need its speed and it has a small boot. If Ferrari were to reduce its price to £15,000 to appeal more to drivers like me and sell more cars I might be tempted to buy one, but it would confirm to me that the original asking price was too high....
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